Mellon Sawyer Seminar Series: Language Discrimination in Fragile Communities

The Mellon Sawyer Seminar Series on Language Discrimination in Fragile Communities is organized around four major themes:

  1. Minorities, underrespresented communities and language-based discrimination
  2. Linguistic diversity in education
  3. Multilingualism, immigration and identities
  4. Indigenous and endangered languages

The leaders of this series are Dr. Edna Andrews, Dr. Lee D. Baker, and Dr. Liliana Paredes, all from Duke University. There are also more than 20 faculty fellow from institutions across North Carolina.

The Mellon Sawyer Seminar Series will produce a peer-reviewed volume of articles devoted to the series and a documentary film that will include footage of the speaker series, as well as interviews with the presenters and the participants.

Next Lecture in the Series is:

Wednesday, March 4that 5:30pm in **Perkins 217**

Dr. Jonathan Rosa (Stanford University)

Latinx Languages and Identities Beyond Borders

The rapid rise of the U.S. Latinx population, now the nation’s largest demographic minority group, has heightened concerns about the future of American identity and brought increased attention to the institutional management of racial, ethnic, and linguistic diversity. Drawing on ethnographic and sociolinguistic research conducted in a predominantly Latinx Chicago public high school and its surrounding communities, this presentation approaches Latinidad as a crucial site from which to analyze the creation of racial, linguistic, and national borders, as well as to reimagine worlds beyond these borders.

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