Diech Becomes Latest FOCUS Student chosen as Rhodes Scholars

The FOCUS Program congratulates Gabriella (Elle) Diech on being chosen as a 2019 Rhodes Scholar.

Elle Diech was in the FOCUS cluster Ethics, Leadership, and Global Citizenship in 2016.  In addition to being chosen as a Rhodes Scholar, Diech was an Angier B. Duke Scholar and designed her own major at Duke -- Biological and Artificial Intelligence. 

She hopes to pursue degrees in Computer Science and Global Governance at Oxford, and her long-term plans include working in the field of biosecurity and broader global catastrophic risk reduction. To read more about Elle Diech, please see this article in Duke Today: https://today.duke.edu/2019/11/duke-senior-gabriella-deich-named-rhodes-scholar

Previous FOCUS students who were named Rhodes Scholars are:


  • Kushal Kadakia (Genetics and Genomics)


  • Jay Ruckelshaus (Knowledge in the Service of Society, 2012)
  • Laura Roberts (Exploring the Mind, 2012)


  • Julia Parker Goyer (Athens in the Golden Age, 2003)


  • William Hwang (Exploring the Mind, 2002)
  • Adam Chandler (Origins, 2002)