Beyond the Classroom

This is where you can find what FOCUS students and faculty do outside of FOCUS! 

The FOCUS Program congratulates Kushal Kadakia on being one of 3 Duke students named Rhodes Scholars. 

Kushal Kadakia was in the FOCUS cluster Genetics and Genomics in 2015.  In addition to being an important part of his FOCUS cohort, Kadakia was an A.B. Duke Scholar and a Truman scholar, executive vice president of Duke Student Government, chairman of Duke Honor Council, and served on the Board of Trustees.

Previous FOCUS students who were named Rhodes Scholars are:


Jay Ruckelshaus (Knowledge in the Service of Society, 2012)

Laura Roberts (Exploring the Mind, 2012)


Julia Parker Goyer (Athens in the Golden Age, 2003)


William Hwang (Exploring the Mind, 2002)

Adam Chandler (Origins, 2002)