Living with FOCUS

FOCUS students belong to a virtual family of up to 36. They share the excitement of the engaged, collaborative learning while taking part in a close-knit intellectual and social community.

Students participating in the Focus Program during their first semester at Duke live in the same residence hall but not the same rooms. They also share the residence hall with other first-year students, enabling them to form a companionable academic and social community while encouraging friendships with all their first-year classmates.

Weekly discussion seminars with faculty and students are scheduled over group dinners. The casual settings encourage students to learn outside the formality of the classroom.

The living/learning community allows for late-night discussions that often explore how academic pursuits link to the world. Casual intellectual explorations and academic flights of fancy are all facilitated by the FOCUS housing environment. When the workload becomes challenging, friends and scholars are at hand to understand and assist.

Like all students at Duke University, FOCUS students are supported and sustained so they can explore and excel. Intellectual curiosity flourishes in the safe learning environment of the FOCUS learning community.

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