Your Second Year After FOCUS

Your second year at Duke will be at time for creating your personal vision of your academic career. Prepare now by learning more about the resources available to you.

As a member of the Duke University community, you may also be ready to take on a leadership role. Many leadership opportunities are available within academics and research.  

Doing research-service learning at Duke is a great way for you to link your academics to practical application in the community and gain civic leadership skills. By working with a faculty mentor and community partner, you will be able to pursue your own academic and civic interests through coursework or community-based research opportunities.

DukeEngage is a next step for many FOCUS alumni. It offers opportunities to students who wish to pursue an intense civic engagement experience anywhere in the world.

As a sophomore student, you will decide on a major. Through participation in the Focus Program spring offerings for sophomores, you can explore the possibilities of your future and engage yourself in opportunities that will help lead you towards your goals. The Academic Advising Center and your academic advisor will help you plan your academic long-range plan before declaring your major.

The Career Center is ready to help you explore summer internship and research opportunities. At their feature event, Career Week, you can brush elbows with Duke alumni and learn more about the career options waiting for you outside Duke’s door.

You’ve made the transition from brick to brownstone and are finding your own groove on West Campus. Living/learning communities are available on West Campus. Through participation in one of these communities, you can connect your academics to social and civic interests and share your learning experiences with your peers.