Educational Enhancements

Educational enhancement funds are available, by request, to each cluster and are allocated for both instructional supplies and out-of-classroom educational experiences. Requests are submitted each summer for funds distributed in the upcoming academic year. Requests may be emailed to Edna Andrews.

Requests are due on July 1 of each year

Please submit one request per proposed event. Include as much detail as possible; this will assist the Focus Program office in coordinating and planning the cluster’s activities.

All students and faculty are required to complete a Participation Agreement before participating in educational enhancement trips. This includes local day trips, regional, national and international trips. Please keep the completed Participation Agreements with the group for the duration of the trip and return all Participation Agreements to the Focus Program office for filing at the end of the semester. One Participation Agreement per person will suffice if all trip dates are known and can be included in the Agreement at the time of signature.

Students participating in international travel should comply with the Undergraduate Travel Policy and should register their travel with the Duke Travel Registry.