The FOCUS Program wishes to congratulate all of the new Class of 2026 Baldwin Scholars! We are especially proud of the nine students who are part of the FOCUS Program:   Niyat Asefaw (Humanitarian Challenges) Christina Barrow (Virtual Realities, Fictional Worlds, and Games) Selom Bediako (Visions of Freedom) Alexandria Calloway (Knowledge in the Service of Society) Hannah Gedion (Cognitive Neuroscience and Law) Mariam Gulamhusein (Global Health: Problems and Paradigms) Neyla Kirby (Ethics, Leadership and Global… read more about The FOCUS Program Congratulates the Class of 2026 Baldwin Scholars »

When her journey to 99 Clay Vessels: The Muslim Women Storytelling Project began, multimedia artist and educator Alison Kysia did not intend to be traveling the United States to tell her story to classes or host pottery workshops.  Kysia turned to pottery as a form of personal healing during her time working at an interfaith organization in 2017. “Because I am Muslim, I was hired to teach about Muslims, Islam and Islamophobia — and yet, the executive director and the board just held deeply entrenched ideas about who they… read more about Artist Alison Kysia on Telling Painful Stories With Pottery »

The Focus Program would like to give a special thanks to the wonderful teams who supported our IDC Dinner Seminars. This includes: Program Support from Dining and Events, including Barbara Stokes, director of Residential Dining, and Jim Hodges, director of Duke Conference and Event Service. Erik Dailey, owner of the Picnic Basket Catering and COVID-19 Catering Specialist, for running the catering for our classes that meet in the East Duke Building, the Focus Program… read more about FOCUS Thanks Teams Supporting its IDC Dinner Seminars »

Dr. Roseen Giles and Dr. Thomas Robisheaux will participate in a session organized by Dr. Astrid Giugni for the Pedagogy and Premodern Symposium (March 6-7 at Duke). The three will discuss their experience teaching (mainly) STEM students in their Focus cluster. According to them "[t]he Medieval and Renaissance Studies cluster is the only Focus cluster centered on premodern humanistic studies. For Fall 2019, [the] cluster consisted three courses: “Engineers, Doctors and Scientists in the Renaissance” (History), “Music,… read more about Focus Faculty Presenting at the Pedagogy and the Premodern Symposium »

A seminar series focused on language discrimination in fragile and precarious communities proposed by faculty in the Trinity College of Arts & Sciences at Duke has attracted key funding from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The project has been designated a Sawyer Seminar Series and awarded a grant of $225,000 over two years. Institutions must be invited to apply for the opportunity. Leading the effort are professors Edna Andrews, chair of Linguistics; Lee Baker, chair of Cultural Anthropology; and Liliana Paredes,… read more about FOCUS to support the Sawyer Mellon Seminar Series to Raise Awareness of Language Discrimination »

The FOCUS Program congratulates Gabriella (Elle) Diech on being chosen as a 2019 Rhodes Scholar. Elle Diech was in the FOCUS cluster Ethics, Leadership, and Global Citizenship in 2016.  In addition to being chosen as a Rhodes Scholar, Diech was an Angier B. Duke Scholar and designed her own major at Duke -- Biological and Artificial Intelligence.  She hopes to pursue degrees in Computer Science and Global Governance at Oxford, and her long-term plans include working in the field of biosecurity and broader global… read more about Diech Becomes Latest FOCUS Student chosen as Rhodes Scholars »

The Focus Program wishes to congratulate all of the new Class of 2023 Baldwin Scholars! We are especially proud of the 10 students who are part of the Focus program: Chaya Brennan Agarwal (Middle East and Islam in Global Context) Meghna Datta (Knowledge in the Service of Society) Emma Frankstein (Modeling in the Economic and Social Sciences) Lana Gesinsky (Ethics, Leadership, and Global Citizenship) Adela Guo (Science and Religion in Public Life) Hana Hendi (Middle East and Islam in Global Context) Claire Kraemer (… read more about The FOCUS Program congratulates the new class of 2023 Baldwin Scholars »

The FOCUS Program is proud to congratulate all of the new Baldwin Scholars! We would like to give special recognition to the 13 new Baldwin Scholars who are from 8 of the 2018 FOCUS program clusters: Mashal Ali (Cognitive Neuroscience and Law) Nora Benmamoun (Global Health) Anne Crabill (Science and the Public) Tyler Edwards (Science and the Public) Margaret Gaw (Global Health) Susana Gutierrez (Ethics, Leadership, and Global Citizenship) Sophie Hurewitz (Global Health) Clara Love (Visions of Freedom) Fernanda… read more about The FOCUS Program congratulates the new class of 2022 Baldwin Scholars »

The FOCUS Program is proud to recognize the summer research projects from Focus students and faculty participating in the 6th Annual NC Biosciences Collaborative Symposium held on July 27th Participating summer research programs included BioCoRE, Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy, Huang Fellowship Program, Summer Neuroscience Program, SROP Scholars, SURPH Scholars, Biological Sciences Undergraduate Research Fellows. A full list of FOCUS students, their cluster and participation year, and project titles are found below… read more about Congratulations to FOCUS students participating in the 6th Annual NC Biosciences Symposium! »