FOCUS Thanks Teams Supporting its IDC Dinner Seminars


The Focus Program would like to give a special thanks to the wonderful teams who supported our IDC Dinner Seminars.

This includes:

  • Program Support from Dining and Events, including Barbara Stokes, director of Residential Dining, and Jim Hodges, director of Duke Conference and Event Service.
  • Erik Dailey, owner of the Picnic Basket Catering and COVID-19 Catering Specialist, for running the catering for our classes that meet in the East Duke Building, the Focus Program wants to thank Erik Dailey as well as the rest of the team at the Picnic Basket: Christine TuozzoDanielle Leonard and Eddie Harrington.
  • The Freeman Center for Jewish Life staff, including Joyce Gordon, director for Jewish Life, for allowing us to use their wonderful space. On the dining team, we want to thank Eduardo Polit, Saundra Bullock, and Ashley Bey who ensure that our faculty and students have everything they need.
  • Our final thank yous are for Damon Thompson and Martha Davidson, for ensuring that everything runs smoothly administratively.